“AROUND NAIJA” is a reality TV Show designed to showcase the beauty of the traditions and cultural heritages of the Nigerian people. The purpose is to highlight how uniquely different but awesomely similar we are as a people. This TV Reality Show will also educate the people of Nigeria in particular and the world in general about the history of Nigeria and showcase Nigeria as a Tourist Destination.

This show is an adventure that will engage 37 participants (each representing their state of origin and the FCT) on a road trip across Nigeria. It is practically life on the road. The journey will see participants engage in tasks that will highlight the economic and socio-cultural values of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria – their food, language, dance, music, history, clothes and culture.

AROUND NAIJA is created to achieve the following objectives: 
  1. To encourage the participation of the Nigerian people in the economic and socio-cultural activities of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria.
  2. To showcase the rich cultural diversities and heritage of Nigeria to the world. 
  3. To showcase Nigeria as a Tourist Destination.
  4. To provide for the TV viewing public an informative, educative and ultimately, an entertainment program ideal for families. 
  5. To promote unity and restore the pride of our cultural heritages as a people.

Show Format

The AROUND NAIJA TV REALITY SHOW will involve 37 participants each from the 36 states of the country and the FCT.

Five Tour Mate will be rewarded with a community project to be cited in any community of their choice.

A grand prize of Ten (10) Million Naira will be given to the  best Tour Mate and consolation prizes for the first and second runners up.

The show will be episodic on Television stations across Nigeria for a period of Three (3) Months.

This show is first of it’s kind in Nigeria. Around Naija will propagate a very high level of moral conduct, respect and value for humanity and cultural sanctity.